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Thông tin: Nam - Đang Có Người Yêu - 39 tuổi - 175 cm - 70 kg - TP.HCM - Cao Đẳng
Mục tiêu: Tìm bạn bè mới
Tự giới thiệu: I'm looking for a woman who likes to be in charge. Someone who I can serve in public and in private. Someone who will give my life the structure and cipline I need. Right now I feel lost outside of work on my military service. I am willing to accept a very subservient role within the structure of a long term relationship.
Tôi muốn tìm người: I would like to meet a woman who is as imperfect as I am, but who loves life & who lives love. One who is a committed Christian. A woman who will join me in working to help those who are wounded & and imprisoned. A woman with grace, compassion, wisdom, sensitivity, intelligence & independent thinking. Someone who can laugh at all of the mistakes and silliness that we humans are so prone to engage in. Someone who is honest and is faithful in marriage. A woman with physical health & attractiveness but more importantly with the inner beauty that come from virtue, integrity & the love of God and mankind.
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